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M&S Mobile Productions

Proms & School Functions

High Energy & FUN Prom DJ!
We are  your premier prom DJ service in the CSRA! 
We specialize in unsurpassed prom DJ entertainment. 
Although we believe that professional equipment is an important aspect of our business, we’re not going to bore you with specs.
Instead, we’ll tell you that the success of your event boils down to the music we play and our interaction with the students.
As you already know, a teenage crowd can sometimes be hard to please, so listening to their demands is important to ensure they have the best prom of their life. This is why we spend months out of the year researching the hottest trends in music and entertainment; then turn around and weave all of those trends into a school prom event.


Exciting & clean music selections
We guarantee the most exciting and memorable experience for all those attending their prom. We provide a "most requested" song list to give you a general idea of the songs that we include for the prom music playlist, but we are ready to accept any songs requests that your students would like to hear. 
We also highly suggest to have all of your senior studens request a "senior song" as well as their most favorite songs of their senior year. ​
All of our music is clean, radio edited versions to ensure a clean musical experience at prom. 

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