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Transform your venue with our elegant lighting packages! 

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Enterprise Mill Augusta, GA Lighting & Custom Monogram Design

The Hottest New Trend for Weddings -  Elegant Venue Uplighting

Uplighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the floor level and directing the beam of light upwards toward the ceiling of the room. This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space. Uplighting adds an elegant glow of light to match your preferred wedding color(s) which enhances the guest experience and creates an even more personal setting for your reception venue.  

Our lighting utilizes the best in wireless LED lighting technology. A key function of our uplighting is the ability to match your color theme or decor of your event. Our wireless LED uplighting fixtures can be adjusted to match virtually any color that your are using for your event. Color matching technology helps to create a more intimate setting to perfectly match your color theme or wedding decor.  We can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow, which creates the "wow factor" for you and your guests. 
Our lighting system is also computer controlled and the lighting scenes are synchronized to your reception events to heighten the experience by the use of creative computer generated lighting scenes.
If you want your event to radiate elegance and sophistication while being budget friendly, uplighting is the way to go.
Please see our picture gallery below for examples of our elegant venue uplighting from our events.

New Uplighting Package!
We offer a near limitless color palette to select from with our modern uplighting.
We can create an ambiance of soft candlelit romance with amber colored uplighting, or decorate your space in festive colors matching your bridesmaid’s dresses, floral blooms, or simply your favorite colors. 
The uplight fixtures are completly wireless and are placed strategically throughout your wedding reception venue to create brilliant columns of light that project bright, beautiful beams of color around the interior of your venue. 
Uplights are a dazzling and affordable way to tie together the design and décor elements for your wedding.
Our uplights are wirelessly powered and are controlled remotely from an Ipad.
We have full lighting control at the touch of a button to allow us to create amazing lighting effects at the right moment during your wedding reception. 
    Wireless LED lighting at your event.
No power source needed.
Safety first. 
Our modern lighting fixtures are completely wirelessly powered and wirelessly controlled.
Our new uplights are equipped with high powered LED's that produce virtually no heat and allow you to pick from any assortment of colors to match your exact wedding colors.
Dare to compare?
Traditional uplighting from other companies use bulky metal lighting fixtures which are an eye sore at your event. These older lights require constant power and have power cables which hang down from the fixture and create trip hazards. The older outdated lighting fixtures require an extremely hot flood light bulb which poses a serious risk of burning a guest during your event! The older type of lighting also limits you to only one single color option during the event.
Experience the new way to light up your event with our new wireless LED uplighting package! 

Let us show you how uplighting your wedding can create a beautiful and dramatic enhancement to your venue and stay within budget!

Set your wedding apart from all the others. 
Add uplighting to your event and see how lighting makes all the difference. 
Uplighting is affordable and fits into almost any budget.
Contact us to discuss all of your lighting & visual elements. 
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